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One of the most serious (and extremely common) problems associated with ducted heating and cooling systems (although generally heating) is animal intrusion, in particular intrusion by rats and possums.
Dogs and cats can also severely damage ducted heating ducts, but it is primarily pests like rats and possums that do the most damage - and the damage is often extreme. Unlike damage from cats and dogs which can often simply be repaired, damage caused by rats and possums tends to include urine contamination and in that instance all contaminated ducting must be replaced.

Animal contamination repair process

Typically, Ductco will be called out to a house once the householder knows there is a problem with animal intrusion. Symptoms are usually night time noises caused by rats and/or possums either under the house, in the roof or even in the ducts. Often we will be called in after the householder reports an extremely noxious odour emanating from the ducts. This will typically occur when an intruding animal becomes stuck and dies either in the ducts or under the house.
Once we are called in, whichever the symptoms experienced, the process is similar, and goes like this:

1. Identify and locate
Using a mixture of our video inspection system and visual inspection, we will locate the animal and the damage caused by the animal. Once we have located the animal (it is very common to find more than one rat under a house or in a duct - our record is seven) and inspected the ducting, we can then provide you with a definite price for the work.

2. Remove and repair
Once we have identified all of the animals, we will then remove them and either bury them in dirt or remove them from the premises. We will then repair and/or replace all damaged ducting.

3. Clean and disinfect
Once the animals have been removed and the ducting repaired or replaced, the entire system is then cleaned and sanitised. Finally the system is run to ensure that there is no remaining lingering odours left in the ducting.
We are located in Bulleen, Victoria and operate throughout Melbourne and the rest of Victoria.