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Ductco is Melbourne's most experienced and prolific repair company. We can repair any part of the ducted heating or cooling system. We can also install a new thermostat, or new ducting, or even move a return air outlet. For example, many people find that their ducts are poorly situated after renovating their house. It is a simple matter for us to remove a duct and then move it to another location (subject to access).

1. Ductwork

i) Duct replacement
Ducting often requires replacement following damage caused by animals, or simply due to deterioration due to old age. Typical symptoms will be poor airflow or odour from the ducting. Possum damage:The damage left by possums which infiltrate your ducting is extensive and generally, all the ducting will require replacement. The good news is that your insurance policy will usually cover the cost of repairing the damage caused by the possums. Rat damage: rat damage is generally extensive and often entire sections or even the entire system will require replacement. There is no insurance cover which will deal with damage caused by rats. Domestic animals: Damage from cats and dogs is generally minor even though it may stop the system from operating efficiently. Insurance cover may be available.

ii) Restoration (Ducting damaged by water)
Either from flood water or storm water - normally needs to be replaced. This is because the insulation that surrounds the ducting typically will be destroyed by the water and the water remains inside the ducts indefinately. As the ducted system is an open one - ie. all ducts are connected to each other - then if water finds its way into the system at any point, it will flow to the lowest point in the system. If enough water penetrates the system, the entire system will be full of water. Either way, replacement of the ducting is essential. The damaged ducting is first removed from the crawl space under the house. Next, the crawl space is either dried with fans, or left to dry naturally. Once dry, the new ducting is run, hung and tested.

iii) Restoration (Ducting damaged by fire)
Ducting damaged by house or factory fire always requires replacement, even if sections of the duct has only been affected by smoke from the fire. This is because it is impossible to guarantee that all soot can be removed from the internal duct wall.


We can remove or reposition a duct outlet or even put a new duct in. We can also replace boots, registers, return air grilles or doors and filters.
i) Furnace components
We can repair or replace system fans, electronic gas controllers, pilots and manual gas controllers. All repairs to the heating unit and replacement of faulty parts are conducted by licensed plumbers.
ii) Thermostats
We supply and install manual or programmable thermostats (pictured below). We can upgrade your present thermostat from an old manual one to a modern programmable thermostat.
We are located in Bulleen, Victoria and operate throughout Melbourne and the rest of Victoria.