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Ducting is often damaged by water penetration from either underfloor flooding due to storms and rain, or from in house flooding through overflowing sinks, taps or baths.

The procedure to correct this situation is generally covered by your insurance policy and is as follows:
1. Remove damaged ducting
Ducting damaged by water requires removal and replacement, it is not able to be dried out and left in place. The first step is to remove all the affected ducting.
2. Locate leak
If the leak has not been repaired already then we can assist to try and locate the source of the water and then (in the case of the water souce being plumbing related) it can be repaired by a plumber or we can quote to remedy the cause of the water leak (in the case of underfloor flooding not related to the internal plumbing).
3. Dry out underfloor crawl space

Once the source of the water leak has been repaired we will dry the crawl space using industrial fans and in some instances dehumidifiers. This process will generally take 2-3 days.
4. Restoration & replacement
Once we have dried out the crawl space enough so that the new ducting will not be damaged by damp underfloor, we will replace all the affected ductwork, rerun the system and then test the system's performance.
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