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Ductco is a family owned business and Melbourne's largest duct repair company. We can repair any ducted system from the smallest domestic system to the largest commercial system. Specialising in repairs following animal intrusion, flood or fire, we provide expert advice to insurance companies, householders and businesses throughout Victoria.

Established in 1995 as a duct cleaning company, over the years Ductco has developed into Melbourne's largest and most experienced duct repair company. In addition to our commercial and domestic duct cleaning services, we also cover all types of duct repair work, but in particular specialise in animal intrusion and flood damage restoration. We provide a professional and comprehensive service for many of Australia's insurance companies, a large number of Melbourne's estate agents and also thousands of individual Melburnians who have issues with their ducting. If you are looking for a professional and efficient duct repair service, please call James direct on 0458 888 905, or email us.

Duct repairs (specialising in animal intrusion and flood damage) are our core business

Many ducted heating systems have problems with animal penetration, most generally caused by rats, sometimes caused by possums and stray cats. The damage can often be extensive and the first time most people discover the problem is in winter when the system gets turned on for the first time, to find there is either no airflow or very poor airflow - or dreadful odours are emitted from the system. We specialise in the repair of all systems penetrated by animals or just simply those that are worn out and need repair.
Our advice is for you to turn your system on in February, well before winter, checking for signs of poor or no airflow or unusual odours. The system should then be run weekly for a few minutes to ensure continued efficient operation. If you experience any problems as described above, call us on 1300 788 013.


1. Animal Intrusion
Rats (pictured below located by our infrared motion detecting cameras in a roof cavity living on ducting) can severely damage ducting and can be found in the crawl space and the roof cavity. If allowed to remain they will often use the duct work to build a nest. Possums will take advantage of any opening in the ducting to enter the ductwork and once inside will cause a lot of damage, generally requiring complete replacement of the ductwork. Cats and dogs generally will damage ductwork accidentally and will often crush a section or sections of ducting. Learn more...
2. Water and fire damaged ductwork replacement or repair
Ducting damaged by water (flooding) or fire will almost always require complete replacement. Water damage ductwork must be replaced as it cannot be dried and the insulation is ruined once wet. Likewise, with fire damaged ductwork, the smoke odour and soot cannot be removed. Learn more...
3. Crushed or failed duct replacement
Ducting can often become crushed when humans or animals interact with subfloor ducting, often resulting in a loss of airflow and system overheating. Old age will cause the duct core to detach from the duct wall with a resulting loss of airflwo. Generally this will require complete replacement. Learn more...
4. System installation
We also install ducted heating systems specialising in Braemar heating units.
We are located in Bulleen, Victoria and operate throughout Melbourne and the rest of Victoria.