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Ductco supplies and installs ducted heating and cooling systems.

We can supply and install ducted heating systems either through the ceiling or through the floor. We can mount the furnace in the roof cavity or on an external wall of the house. All work is completed by qualified tradespeople and in accordance with all regulations. A guarantee is supplied with all installations. We supply heating units from Braemar and Brivis. These two manufacturers are locally based in Melbourne and have local service departments. We recommend Braemar heating units, due to their excellent local service department and fast tracked warranty system. Our ducting is sourced exclusively from Westaflex, Australia's largest manufacturer of ducting. All of their duct is compliant with all fire regulations and comes with a ten year written warranty.
We install both ducted evaporative air conditioning systems and add on refrigerated cooling systems. If there is already ducted heating installed, ducted cooling can normally only be installed using an entirely new ducting system as cold air requires far more airflow to effectively cool than hot air does to heat.
If cooling is of interest during the time of a heating installation, it is worth considering adding larger ducting at the time to take into account the possibility of adding ducted cooling at a later date. The cost saving will be significant.
Roof ventilators
Ductco also supplies and installs roof ventilators which draw the hot air from the roof cavity, dramatically reducing the heat in the home.
We are located in Bulleen, Victoria and operate throughout Melbourne and the rest of Victoria.